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When to Hire an Attorney After a Personal Injury in Illinois

On Behalf of | Nov 30, 2022 | Personal Injury

Accidents and incidents happen at any time, being prepared and understanding everything that falls under personal injury is the first step. Within the state of Illinois there are many different types of personal injury and how they are categorized. Throughout this article we will cover what those injuries fall under and when you can get an attorney for your personal injury case in the state of Illinois.

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Four Categories for Personal Injury in Illinois

The four categories are Accidents, Intentional Acts, Defective Products, and Defamation. Each category has different parameters for what the injury falls under. Such as for Accidents it can be filed as a personal injury lawsuit and can include car accidents, slips and falls, medical malpractice and much more. For Intentional Acts it can be covered under intentional conduct that has led to the injury or harm of another individual. An example of this can be assault or battery. Next is Defective Products, where broken and faulty products have caused a personal injury. With this form of personal injury product liability involves a lawsuit against a manufacturer or seller. Lastly there is Defamation, this is where someone has made an untrue statement about you that has caused harm. This is another category that is under personal injury in the state of Illinois.

When to File a Personal Injury Lawsuit

Within Illinois a personal injury lawsuit may be filed within two years of when the injury took place. However some cases will allow you to file a lawsuit within two years of discovery or become aware of the injury, this is called the discovery date. If the personal injury case is against a city or county in Illinois, there is a statute of limitations to one year, if it is against the state it is two years. By fully understanding the parameters of what falls under personal injury and when you should file a lawsuit in the state of Illinois will help you be prepared if an accident or injury were to happen.

To summarize personal injury in Illinois there are four categories including accidents, intentional acts, defective products, and defamation. Each of these categories can be filled with different examples that all fall under personal injury. Knowing the time of when to file a lawsuit is two years from when the injury took place or two years when you have discovered your injury. If you are still wanting to learn more about other practice areas we help our clients in Illinois click here to learn more.

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