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At Heller, Trakhtman & Associates, we have experience representing clients with a wide range of serious injuries. Catastrophic injuries such as brain injuries and spine injuries are often permanent injuries that drastically change the client's life.

These injuries can range from head to toe, and in many cases they are an aggravation of a preexisting condition, leading to a worse physical condition after the accident, often permanently.

People who suffer brain injuries, such as concussions or contusions, must often deal with unique challenges. Brain trauma can affect a victim's coordination, concentration, memory and other important factors. These challenges can make it difficult for victims to continue their education or to go back to work. A serious brain injury can even alter a victim's personality, making it more difficult to maintain interpersonal relationships.

As your law firm, we will take all of these factors into account as we seek compensation on your behalf. Our goal is to achieve a result that will fully compensate you for your loses, including your lost wages, medical bills, disability and emotional distress.

Our Lake County and Cook County brain injury attorneys have more than 35 years' experience assisting clients with severe or catastrophic injuries. We can help you pursue the compensation you deserve.

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