Advocates For The Rights Of Injured Children

With more than 35 years of experience handling personal injury and wrongful death claims, we have always kept the rights of children as our No. 1 objective. Our Lake County child injury attorneys have helped hundreds of children that have been injured in accidents. We fight for their rights and make sure they receive their rightful compensation.

Illinois School Accident Attorneys

Institutions such as schools and parks are designed to protect and nourish children. Often these institutions attempt to deny liability for injuries to children under their care and control. In cases where the institutions fail at this duty, the law firm of Heller, Trakhtman & Associates defend the children's rights against the institutions. We focus on the liability and protection of the children's assets. Illinois law makes it hard to collect from these institutions, which we believe is wrong. So we fight and fight to try to hold these institutions liable for these injuries.

Accidents in school areas are common occurrences, and it can sometimes prove difficult to obtain a clear picture of what transpired in the accident. When collaborating with children in injury cases, it is not just about what injuries you see, but also what issues you don't see. Children will typically not communicate in the same way that adults do, which is why it is important to really listen and trying to understand what the child has really experienced. At our firm we keep child safety as a priority and work hard to ensure the child's best in each case.

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