The Physical And Emotional Scars Of Dog Bites

Animal bites associated with pets such as dogs are becoming more and more common personal injury claims. An untrained and/or improperly supervised dog can indeed cause severe personal injury and damage to a person. These injuries can lead to permanent scars and disfigurement and should be treated like any other personal injury case. Our Lake County dog bite attorneys have a wide range of experience handling animal bite personal injury cases and can help clients resolve their cases.

Illinois Animal Attack Lawyers

With our experience in handling personal injury and wrongful death cases, we have a thorough understanding of the legal system and are able to handle multiple cases. In cases where an animal attack or animal bite has caused permanent scarring or disfigurement, we work hard for our client's rights and pursue all the costs. We have represented people who have been attacked by a neighbor's animal and are familiar with the legal steps necessary to resolve the case. We have experience handling cases in which an animal attacks or bites visitors at a public zoo. We are able to efficiently determine all the responsibilities of the animal's owner and protect the rights of our clients.

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