Obtaining Recovery And Compensation After A Truck Accident

Accidents involving trucks can be complicated cases due to details as to who owns or leases the truck, or parts of the truck. The tractor and trailer may be owned and/or operated by different entities. Our Lake County truck accident attorneys have experience representing on both sides and understand the mechanisms f truck companies use to avoid liability and the needs of drivers. We therefore work hard to obtain appropriate compensation and physical recovery for our clients.

Lake County Trucking Accident Attorney

We have experience handling cases involving drivers of small trucks and larger trucks such as 18-wheelers and semitrailers. When representing truck or semitrailer drivers, our Illinois accident lawyers work hard to ensure insurance coverage for our client and proving the client not liable for the accident. If the client didn't have insurance coverage at the time of the accident, we seek out options that will help them.

In cases in which our client has been struck by a truck, we work hard to ensure that the truck driver, truck lesser, truck lessee and truck owner's insurance provides appropriate compensation for our client's injuries. We have experience handling cases in which clients have suffered severe injuries or death as a result of a truck accident, and are not afraid to take our client's case to court.

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