Fighting For The Rightful Protection Of Motorcyclists

There seems to be a public perception that motorcyclists typically don't follow the rules of the road. Car and truck drivers are not always able to see motorcyclists and are not always courteous to them. This is an issue motorcyclists struggle with, especially after being in an accident. As your legal representation, we fight this perception and fight for the rights of motorcyclists.

Lake County and Cook County Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

At Heller, Trakhtman & Associates we take our motorcyclist clients' side and make sure that they are given the same protection as any driver down the street. Roads are not just for cars and trucks to drive on, and this is an important fact that we present to the judge. We have helped hundreds of motorcyclists receive their rightful compensation for accidents and protected their rights throughout their cases.

Illinois Bike Injury Lawyers

We have experience representing clients who have been hurt or injured in bicycle accidents and scooter accidents. Our Buffalo Grove scooter accident attorneys have handled numerous cases protecting bicyclists' and scooter driver's rights. We work hard for the best possible outcome for our clients, regardless of what kind of accident they were involved in.

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